Airport transfer

bus from inside

We have provided airport transfer services since the beginning of our activity. Currently, we transport our passengers to Gdansk and Szczecin airports (Goleniów). We know that punctuality plays a key role in this case, which is why we are always at an appointed place ahead of time.

Thanks to an intuitive search engine, you can easily and quickly find a connection that will perfectly fit your flight. It takes just a few minutes to book a seat. On our part, we can guarantee a comfortable transfer to the airport - no stress and no problem.

As the only passenger transport company in the region we have become partners with Wizz Air airlines.

We offer regular airport transfer services to/from the following cities:
  • Darżyno
  • Gdynia
  • Karwice
  • Koszalin
  • Kołobrzeg
  • Lębork
  • Malechowo
  • Mianowice
  • Sianów
  • Sycewice
  • Słupsk
  • Warszkowo


  • Adress: ul. Zwycięstwa 87,
    75-005 Koszalin
  • Opening hours: Pon-Pt: 8:00 - 16:00